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What Do You Do When The Kids Are Away?

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This afternoon for example, Max has been snoozing for most of it, and Dean took Zack with him into Perth so I could get a little peace and Zack could get out of the house (plus he could have his fave spaghetti bolognese at our favourite family pub...) for a while.

I should have been using this time for tidying up, cleaning, making the place spic and span for when they get home.

But no...

Ohhh no.

Not me.

Not lazy arsed lil old me!

No, I chose to spend that time sitting on my arse in front of the computer reading blogs.

Lots of blogs.

And commenting on them.

And trying to think up something to write for a blog post.

You already know though, that I didn't come up with much, because instead of writing something insightful or funny, I'm telling you about what a lazy arse I am.

I really should do better.

(That's not to say I've done *nothing*... I did clean up the mess that Max had left his cereal in all over the floor, table and 3 of our 4 chairs.)

My brother and his family are coming over on Sunday and no doubt Zack will want to show his cousins his bedroom.

The bedroom being upstairs.

Upstairs looking like a bombsite but strewn with clothes instead of dirt and rubble.

The bathroom soooo needing a clean.

The bottom of the shower curtain that I have been meaning to bleach for the last month at least.

The toys all over the house.

The laundry that needs done (we finally have some socks and underwear that's clean today at least!).

The random beakers with old milk that are hidden scattered upstairs.

The box that was full of my art goodies empty, with random brushes and little blocks of watercolour paints dotted around the bedroom.

The rabbit that was just cleaned out but has already pooped a mountain.

The cat who needs fed.

The almost empty cupboard that needs filled with food for us all to, you know... eat?

I could totally say that this has all just happened since Zack started his summer holidays last week, but I would be lying.

So please excuse me while I do a whip round to tidy up as I just got a phonecall saying Dean and Zack are on the bus back from town.

That gives me about 40 minutes to get at least downstairs looking a little more presentable...