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In the Buff

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So, as many of you know it's Bloggers Without Makeup day today.

I first heard about today from Kristin at Wanderlust. Thanks for the heads up sweety!

I'm not one to wear much in the way of makeup to be honest. I drag a brush through my hair and make sure there's no dry skin on my face, clean my teeth and that's me for the day.

However, sometimes I decide to 'make an effort' and put on a bit of eyeshadow and mascara, maybe even a bit of lippy sometimes! I do find that on those days I feel much more confident in myself when I'm out of the house. Hell, I even feel more confident in myself *in* the house. I guess it's something to do with feeling on top of things if I can even manage to put on some makeup and straighten my hair. Or something.

I've never had that much self-esteem. Years of being bullied at school for being 'fat' (I wasn't, just happened to be friends with an anorexic... although I didn't know it at the time).

I had loads while I was at uni, and then once I got married and popped out 2 kids, and my marriage was a mess, well... you can imagine, I didn't really have much good to think of myself at all.

Fast forward to now though.

Now I am in a Good relationship.

Now my kids are that little bit older. Not easier that's for sure, but they sleep through the night at least. Along with insisting on being in photos!

Now I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Although I still wish I could lose a few stone. (I am trying with that though!)

This is me as my family see me every day.

My hair is just washed, and fly-away. My son won't leave me alone.

There's a few spots on my chin and my eyes are tired, but I'm happy.

I also have a nice bra on today, which helps! (Thanks for pulling my top down there Zack!)

Go on over to Jodie at Mummy Mayhem to join in if you haven't already! We wanna see you in the buff... ;)