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Happy Birthday Max! The 7 years old edition.

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birthday boy smile How did you get to be seven already little man?


I keep trying to tell you and Zack to stop growing, but neither of you are listening to me...


I'm seeing now how much alike these two can be...


Max is such a happy, HAPPY boy, and that makes me feel the same.

To know that though he's taking a longer route to get to where he needs to go, he's enjoying the journey.


He's taking the scenic route.

And we're all starting to enjoy the ride!


Zack says his wee brother can be loads of fun, but also annoying too.

There's something endearing about that - knowing that their sibling relationship is becoming, well... normal.


The best thing though, is that he can tell us when he's happy! This is him signing "happy"...

he can also tell us when he's sad, or tired.


All these great steps forward that you're making!

And you're so HAPPY most of the time now!

Happy 7th birthday little guy... I'm so damn proud of you, we all are!


Mummy xx