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Living Arrows | Laughter

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laughing boy I always forget just how much I love hearing my boys laughing around the house, until they're away at their dad's, like they were last week.

We've been on our October break since the day before Max's birthday, and the boys have spent 5 sleeps away from me in that time.

It's a funny thing. I'm usually looking forward to having a break, some me-time, but within a day of them being away I miss them and am counting down the days till they're home.

The house is so,Β so quiet without them here.

That can be a good thing, don't get me wrong - the peace is glorious! But when I'm sat here on my own, not quite sure what to do with my time... well, it all ends up feeling a bit sad really.

I think that's why I attempt to keep busy when they're away.

Or at the very least make sure I'm not sat alone in my house for the duration - that's just painful.

In the end I did have a few really lovely days with the boyfriend, but I am glad to have my boys back home and everything back to normal.

Well, as much as normal goes in our house anyway!


Throwback Thursday


6659711989_edec17faac_o I can't believe it's been nearly three years since I took this photo of Zack.

I mean, I can... because he's grown so much since then, but ohhh it sometimes feels like it was just yesterday he had that cute adorable little kid face and loved Yoshi and Cbeebies.

Now it's all Minecraft and Cartoon Network.

It's "Mum", not "Mummy".

He still does come in for a cuddle now and then though.

But he's definitely not a little boy anymore.

I'm so glad I have photos like these to remind me of when he was a little one like this...

My little dude.


The Gallery | Autumn

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15303998130_8fafbf43d0_c Autumn is my absolute favourite season.


Crisp leaves to walk on, that bite in the air...


Warm coats and scarves, hats and gloves.

There's really nothing better!


But my absolute favourite reason for loving autumn though, has to be the colours.

Oh god the colours!

It's just absolutely beautiful, isn't it?

What's your favourite thing about autumn?

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