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You know when you don't post for a while...

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Running 103/365And you feel like you need to have this absolutely *amazing* piece of writing to wow your readers with when you finally come back out of bloggy hibernation?

Only nothing really comes to you, and life is just more fun when you're painting with the kids, or doing a bit of a 500 piece jigsaw with your nearly-6-year-old and then quickly hiding it under the table cloth so his little brother doesn't see it and mess it all up? And in the evenings, you watch tv, or have fun getting messy and making art, or gaming your little heart out.

So then a week passes.

Then another week.

And before you know it, you've pretty much left your blog dormant (other than one or two posts here and there) for over a month.

*waves and points over here*

Yeah. That!

So I figured I'd better get over myself and just come back to my little haven of internet love, and say hello.

Damned if I'm gonna wait till I come up with that amazingly inspiring piece of written work that will amaze you all, cause that likely won't happen for quite some time! ;)

Oh, yeah... the picture... some relevance might be good, right?

Well, our biggest park here in our little town has been undergoing a *huge* overhaul, and the result is quite possibly one of the best playgrounds for kids of all ages I've ever seen!

Max actually gets to run... *full* pelt in any direction without me feeling like I need to run after him to stop him getting onto a road, or stop him bashing into a wall, or... well, you get the idea!

Now sun, if you could just come back soon, please, so we can enjoy your gorgeous warmth again? That would be awesome. Mkay?

So what have I missed? I've been marking a lot as read in my reader, so apologies if I've missed you!

Have you got some amazingly mindblowingly awesome pieces of writing or art or vlogs that I might have missed?

Let me know so I can catch up!

I promise I'll try to get back to normal... at least till the summer holidays comes around that is.

*hugs* and love to you all, my sweet wonderful friends!