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You know what, I'm actually pretty happy where I am right now.

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This year has been a hell of a year for me. Money troubles, relationship troubles that ended in what will be a divorce as soon as we've been separated for a year, moving to a new place and getting settled in.

The thing I've realised is it's all good now. The boys get to see their dad every month or so and I get a day of freedom.

We've got an awesome lil house here just a 10 minute walk from my parents.

I get to do things the way *I* want to.

The boys are much more settled and happy than I've ever seen them.

I've learned a lot this year.

To only rely on myself.

To stop myself from doing stupid vengeful acts cause I know they won't go anywhere in the long run.

To take care of two kids, myself and a cat with no help.

Now it's coming up to the last month of the year, I can safely say I've grown as a person this year.

Now I'm in a place to call my own and my head is screwed on right, things are going well for us and generally I'm just feeling a lot happier with myself and where I'm at right now.

Still, it would be nice if 2010 isn't quite so eventful. I'll already be sending my oldest son to school, I'd like that to be the biggest change of the year to be honest!