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Yes, I'm Shameless!

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So... I thought I'd mention about the MADS Blog Awards, just in case you lived under a rock, or anywhere that someone who wasn't a UK blogger might hide. The MADS are the UK's Mummy and Daddy Blog Awards, and apparently they're quite a big deal!

Look at that pretty little badge there - isn't it cute?

You know why I've got it?

Cause I wanna be a STAR!

OK really I would just love you for ever and ever if you could click on it and nominate me... I'm not normally one to ask for things, really I'm not (*cough*), but it would be nice to be in the running for some of the cooool prizes you I could win, not to mention the honor of just BEING one of the finalists!

Just click this lil bit right <<<here>>> and nominate me... pleeeease? I will love you for ever and ever and ever. Really.

You know I will love you anyway, but I would really love you even more if you did this eeny weeny little thing?

Pretty Please?


The Marylin who's losing her mind without her children around to boss about and needs some attention cause she's lost!