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Wow You're So Young!

LifeMarylin21 Comments

That's what people usually say when they hear that I'm "only" 26.


Twenty six.

I'll be twenty seven at the end of next month!

Which is funny really as I was the one when I was a teenager who never got ID'd.

Thing is, I don't think age really matters that much once you're about my age.

I think most people assume that I'm 30 or so these days, with me having two kids and a failed marriage under my belt.

Or maybe it's because I'm a parent, and have grown up pretty damn quickly from that.

Maybe it's more to do with knowing now, without any shadow of a doubt, that the world definitely does NOT revolve around me.

I don't know.

Either way, I feel like a grown up.

When I chat to friends who are older than me, they always forget that I'm "so young" in the same way that I forget they're not ages with me!

My mum and I are SO alike too - you wouldn't imagine from chatting to us that we were any different in age really. Not if you didn't see us.

Perfect example being us both getting silly-excited about things like pretty paper and painting and stationery supplies!

We even sqwee about things that excite us the same way! hehe :)

Hell, even in comments she leaves here, my mum says things in *exactly* the same way I would!

I don't feel particularly young.

Or particularly old either.

I feel like I'm just nicely in the middle right now.

I've gone through a fair bit in my life so far, and no doubt that's helped me to grow a fair bit.

I will go through a lot more in what remains of my life too, and still that's a lot less than some people have to go through.

I guess for me, maybe because I'm feeling so settled in myself, and in my circumstances now, I feel like I'm finally*settled*.

And really rather lucky that I've found my feet so early on in my life compared to some others.

So yes, I am "so young" really.

Though I often think of myself being around 30 just because, I don't know, it seems more grown up than most 26 year olds I know of (most of them not being parents mind you!).

Either way, I quite like the age I am now in my mind.

And you know what? I think I'll be staying at that age, whatever it is, for a long long time. :)