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Wondering what to do...

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I've been thinking recently.  A bad idea, I know!

Wondering whether to keep my other blog going or not.

I've come to the decision that I'm going to just let it go.


Two blogs are harder to maintain than one.

I love that I can say whatever I want here.

I don't like that I know my ex and his family know about the other place and can have a nosey whenever they want.

I barely have enough time to write posts for one blog, never mind two!

Then I wonder... how can I tell my readers of the old place, without actually linking to this place?

How should I put it?

What should I say?

Can I really let go of the first place I ever wrote on?

I was going to transfer all my posts over to here, but the file is too big.Fucking Wordpress.

Anyone want to help me with that one?

It's the first place I started blogging, do I want to just delete it?

I have contacted BlogHer to get the url changed so I can have my ads over here.

So I guess I've really made up my mind already.

But, maybe I could just keep the old place as somewhere to share photos...

I still have about 11 months worth of hosting etc for it. So I might as well keep it running that long. I will still be paying that hosting anyway to keep this place going.

So many things to think about... have you guys got any ideas?

I'm a lil stuck at the moment.