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Why I'm over the moon that Max likes McDonald's

AutismMarylin14 Comments

There are parents who never let their child see the inside of a McDonald's, and there are the parents who's kids beg for a happy meal at any given opportunity. 

I'm definitely in the latter of the two camps. 

Wanna know why? 

Because it's somewhere Max's shrieks, flapping and loudness don't stand out. 

It's one of only two places that he will eat the chicken nuggets from - something he won't even eat at home. 

They actually serve milk which is the only thing he drinks. 

And he gets a toy to keep him occupied even if he doesn't feel like eating much.

In other words, for under a tenner, we get to do something that Normal Families do.

It's something so simple, yet as a family with a kid on the autistic spectrum life is rarely as straightforward as we'd like. 

So yes, I take my kids to McDonald's, and I LOVE it. 

I love seeing my boys actually eating the same food!!

I love seeing them enjoying the toys they get, 

and I love feeling like we're the same as everyone else there... no matter how far from the truth that may be. 

Sometimes... it's just nice to have a moment of normality. 

For us, that means McDonald's or KFC for dinner relatively regularly.

Just thirty minutes of normality in an otherwise totally untraditional family life.

And if that makes me a Bad Parent for daring to feed my children such rubbish? *rolls eyes*

Well I'll take it, and enjoy every second!