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Why I could never be a vegetarian...

LifeMarylin4 Comments

In a word: steak. 

Nice, juicy, medium-rare steak. 

It's just so! damn! good!

For me, there's nothing better than a steak meal with all the trimmings. 

Onion rings, mushrooms, chips... I'm drooling just at the thought. 

I try to make sure to buy local meat where possible. 

From places where I know the fields their animals get to live their lives. 

And then there are chicken fajitas. 

I make a mean fajita, so I'm told! 

It's one of the few meals I can make well. 

I have meat at some point each day. 

Whether it's a ham sandwich, sharing chicken nuggets with the kids (come on, we all do it when we can't be bothered!), or when out for a slap up meal. 

Yeah, I love me some good, nicely cooked and seasoned meat! 

Now then... I wonder when I can next have steak...