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This post has nothing to do with the pretty picture.

My back hurts.

Specifically, my lower back, and my butt.

Sciatica is a bitch.

And I need a new mattress.

My current mattress is around 7 years old and has withstood both the boys jumping on it as if it were a trampoline.

Thankfully they seem to have passed that stage, so I can afford to get a decent one now without worrying that it will be wrecked.

Anyone got any tips on mattress buying?

Oh, yeah, I'm blogging about mattresses. I guess that means I'm a grown up now, right?


On the up side, Max slept through finally last night after having gone back to school on Tuesday.

He decided after Sunday night's debacle that he rather enjoys being up at 3am. So did it again on Monday night.

Tough luck little guy. You're not getting back into that habit. NO way!

So he's back at school and is very grumpy about it at the moment, but that's always the case after a few days off. Ah the joys of transition times, even little ones.

So tonight it will be a later bedtime (like last night) after no naps to make sure he's too sleepy to do anything but sleep through tonight.

I probably won't though.

Stupid mattress.

Stupid back.

I guess Max isn't the only grumpy one at the moment, huh? ;)