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Where's Your Favourite Place to Blog?

LifeMarylin22 Comments

When it comes down to you *really* getting going, where's the place that you always seem to get that flow?

For me? It seems to be the kitchen.

When I had a laptop, the kitchen was always my favourite place to write. Then I didn't have one for a while, and now that I have a netbook, it's back to being my favourite writing 'zone'.

I think I've figured out why that is now too. It's always the tidiest room in the house! It's the one place that I constantly try to make sure it clean and tidy, surfaces wiped, dishes put away. Plus the light in here is lush. South facing full length glass door means lots of beautiful Autumn light is streaming into my kitchen, but not where I sit, which is a big plus compared to where my Mac is in my living room.

There are less distractions there.

The kids' toys are always strewn over the living room. My room is always full of the Laundry Pile. That just leaves the hallway (too dark, not to mention stairs aren't that comfy to sit on) or the kitchen.

I thought I'd ask around to see where other lovely bloggers liked to do their writing, and here's what they said:

By far the favourite place to blog for most seems to be the sofa, and/or in bed. I can understand that, it's comfy, it's cosy, and once the kids are in bed it's all yours!

Next up, my favourite place (she says while blogging at her desk in the living room, *cough*) is the kitchen. Be it a dining table, on the bunker, or maybe hiding in a cupboard (oh come on, surely I'm not the only one who's tried to hide from children in the cupboard before...?), the kitchen is mum's domain a lot of the time, so it makes sense that we'd want to blog there too, right?

Many of us would love an office, but it's just not possible... some people *are* that lucky though! Only one that I know of though... *cough* not jealous at all really *cough*

And then there are those who travel so much every day that the train is their favourite place! I have to admit, I do like the idea of no children around to distract me, and nice scenery to see out the windows!

So, what's your favourite place to blog? Where would you *like* to be able to blog, if you're stuck with somewhere you're not too keen on?

One day I will have a whole room dedicated as an office/photography studio just for me... or that's what I'd like to think anyway. Ahh a girl can dream, right?