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What A Weekend!

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This has to have been one of the best weekends I've had in a looooong time!

So... it was Dean's birthday on tuesday last week, and mine on saturday.

That meant that it was the perfect time to get both our families together to meet, and have a bit of a shindig.

Frankie and Bennies. 6.30pm. Friday night. With two children in tow. I was bouncing between excitement about it all and dread that the boys would be a nightmare.

They were *so* good!

We were there for about 3 hours and I really don't think they could have been better behaved.

Max was happy with his little kiddies pack from the restaurant and some toys that I'd brought, along with his food of course! Put crispy chicken strips and chips in front of that boy and he's happy.

Zack was also a wee star. There were a few times that Dean and I had to go over to tell him to stop getting out of his seat, but other than that he was good as gold - he even ate his HUGE bowl of spaghetti bolognese (which he "absolutely adores" don't you know!).

He got to sit with his most favourite person in the entire world, his Aunty Claire (Dean's big sis). It's a mutual appreciation society with those two! So cute to see them interacting together!

We were both completely spoiled and Dean and I even got to have a few drinks...


The next day was saturday.

Not just *any* saturday though!

It was my birthday!

I'm now officially Twenty Six.

Not ONLY was it my birthday...

It was the day the kidlets were being whisked away up north to stay with their dad till next sunday.

I was freaking out.

It all went surprisingly well, and they're having a great time. Zack is building forts and Max is playing with cars.

Max is happy cause Zack isn't constantly running around him all the time - it's all good!

It gets better though...

NOT ONLY was it the day that I got some freedom for a while... oh no!

It was the day that I'd finally get to meet one of my favourite people, Barbara from JoBart along with Nikki from Clinically Fed Up (who I've already met although I was a naughty blogger and didn't blog about it. She did though!).

We spent all day together, and Dean even enjoyed himself despite being surrounded by mad mummy-bloggers! My god those two can put away a fair amount of wine! I though I was doing well with my Jaeger-bombs, but nope... they showed me!

I wouldn't even know where to start with what we got chatting about, but most of it is probably best *not* to be published online anyway. ;)

It absolutely HAS to happen again soon... I may even stop smoking so I can save to go dan sauf to see Barbara at some point...

(Nikki shared some more photos from our day out, I was too lazy to process more than the ones I have in this post already)


You know what made the weekend finish off really well?

Getting to sleep till I woke up BY MYSELF on sunday morning. NO KIDS to see to, nothing that I had to get up for (well, there was but the clocks went forward and my alarm didn't go off cause it was set to week-days only and I was a twat, cause otherwise I could have spent even more time with the gorgeous Barbara, dammit!), so I got to STAY in my bed till about one in the afternoon! (which was technically mid-day only the clocks went forward, but I need to work up to a full day sleeping, you know).

So now I'm sitting up at past 2am in the morning, not having to worry that I'll be useless the next day.

I will be useless in the morning, but it won't matter - cause I'm FREE baby! For a WEEK! OH YEAH!


What did you get up to this weekend?

Tell me all the gossip, or link me to your blog post about it! ;)