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We ARE Good Enough!

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It's only been in the last few months, with Max coming on so well after getting a diagnosis of being on the autistic spectrum, and getting advice and help on what to do to help him, that I've started to realise that, actually, I'm doing a DAMN good job of raising my boys.

You know what? YOU are doing an amazing job too!

You ARE worth it.

You do more than you realise.

Even those days or weeks when we can't be bothered keeping on top of the housework.

Or when you guiltily blog while plying the kids with some cookies and cartoons.

Yes, even then, you are being a good mum.

You know why?

Because for us to give our best to our children, we need to feel happy and fulfilled in ourselves.

Of course being a mother defines us to a certain extent, but it doesn't need to be EVERYTHING we are.

That's impossible as far as I can tell.

If you lose who you are, then you won't be happy.

The saying "happy wife, happy life" rings true, even for those of us who are single.

So you know what?

Even if you are having a shit day.

Even if you don't feel like taking the kids to the park cause it's so much hassle, and you need a day to just relax.

Even if all you can be bothered doing is the bare minimum for that day.

Just look at all the achievements your little ones are making.

They are learning to walk, talk, stand up for themselves, have opinions, even being cheeky little monkeys.

That's YOU that's helped them get there.

It's YOU who has nurtured them until they were strong enough to survive outside of the womb.

It's YOU who puts in that extra time to sit and watch In The Night Garden for the umpteenth time because you know how much your little one loves it when you curl up together to watch it before bed.

It's YOU who is doing an amazing job.

YOU ARE good enough.

YOU ARE amazing.

And don't you ever let anyone make you think any less, especially not yourself!