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Twitter in the good old days

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I joined Twitter back in May 2008.

Six years ago.

Shit, hold on, really?

Yeah, ok, now I feel like time is *really* slipping away from me.

Anyway, back then Twitter was still considered pretty new, and us bloggers? Well, we were just starting to grasp the whole concept.

And oh it was fun!

All the banter back and forth, sharing the odd blog post we found interesting, jumping into honest to god conversations!

Then it got big.

Really big.

Now it's at the point where even my parents know what it is (sorry Mum and Dad!).

Everybody is on Twitter.

It's no longer just the geeks and bloggers.

And as such, it's harder to find those conversations.

It wasn't until this evening when I spent the best part of an hour chatting to Liz, Rachael and Carol that I realised how much I missed it.

Twitter used to be something I'd check all the time.

But then it got diluted with so so many people posting ALL THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIME, that it took too long to actually find the good bits.

Today has proven to me they're still there.

A little more difficult to find, but still there.

So maybe I'll spend some more time on Twitter again and see what sort of conversations I end up in.

Cause if they're anything like today's, I'll be in really good company.