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Three By Nine...

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I got tagged for this by the lovely Julia at Curtains for the Windows...

The rules: All you have to do is answer the nine questions below and then tag three of your fellow bloggers. That way we can all learn a little something new about each other, Here we go!

Three names I go by: Marylin, Maz, Mummy

Three places I’ve lived: Glasgow, Dunoon, Dundee

Three places I’ve worked: waitress at a cafe, typical shop job, and customer services advisor for BT.

Three things I love to watch: My boys laughing together, clouds floating by, something beautiful being made.

Three places I have been and love: Whipsnade, the hill behind my old house in Dunoon - you could see the whole of the Clyde all the way down to Arran, and York.

Three people that email me regularly: Veronica, Barbara and Nikkii.

Three things I love to eat: fajitas, Christmas dinner, Oreo coockie bash (a cheesecake).

Three people I think will respond: Erm, no idea!

Three things I am looking forward to: My wee Max getting better from this icky virus. Holidays and being able to relax. Seeing Barbara and Nikkii in April for a weekend!

Hmm, now I get to tag three people!

Barbara (blog fodder, yay!)

Nickie (you love me really...)

MammyWoo (cause you're awesome!)

Also... YAY it's Friday!! Lie-in here I come! Hopefully... maybe... ish. Kind of. A bit. *cough*