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This Is The Hard Bit

AutismMarylin36 Comments

I'm gonna let you have a wee insight into my average evening.

I took this audio as a "voice memo" with my iPhone from the bottom of the stairs.

I warn you, it's LOUD, and it's really hard to listen to.

Screamy Max (might want to right click to get this to open in another window)

So yeah, when I say Max is being screamy on twitter (and if you follow me there, that'll be a regular update from me), that is what I mean.

I don't know why he does it.

He doesn't seem to be able to wind down for bedtime.

If I leave a wee light on, he'll stay up till all hours of the night, and Zack will too.

If I let him cry it out (*shudders*), he'll fall asleep in a couple of hours, tops.

So that's what I have to do.

If I go to try to calm it down, it does work eventually, but as soon as I go back out of the room, he starts up again like that straight away, so it just extends the time spent screaming.

There are never any real tears with this either.

Just pure rage.

So when you moan about your kid being annoying and not wanting to sleep, have a listen to that, and be greatful that you don't have to put up with this 4-5 evenings of every week, cause frankly, it sucks.