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Thinking about blogging...

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I do keep thinking about what I could write for my next blog post... but I seem to have come down with a case of the Can't-be-bothered's.

I'll sit on Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype and the like, not to mention hanging around on Clickin Moms too much... by the time I think about getting around to doing anything it's late at night and I want to sleep! And all that's not even taking into consideration the movies and sitting up all night chatting to Dean... what's a girl to do??

I got a new flash a couple of weeks ago, but was unwell at the time. So guess what? Couldn't be bothered!

I have been taking plenty of pics as I try to figure the whole flash photography thing out, but when it comes to looking at them in ACR and Photoshop, I can't be bothered to do anything with them.

I was going to write a post about our Very Good Sunday at the weekend, complete with pictures, but by the evening I just wanted to watch a movie!

I guess we have actually been pretty busy over the last week.

Friday, Dean's best mate and his gf came over for the night to have a few drinks n some banter - we spent most of the evening playing on the wii! That is a great console for parties, I'm tellin ya!

Saturday, the boys' dad was over for the afternoon to see the kids. Naturally we decided that ice cream was a good lunch for Zack and he became nicely hyper just as his dad arrived and we went out to the pub... Yes I'm evil, Zack was still an angel apparently, as was Max. All down to me - I rock, hells yeah! Of course Twatface proved that he does indeed live up to his name by not even looking at Dean while he tried to break the ice and talk to him a bit. Typical behaviour.

Sunday was a Very Good Sunday. We had all had a great night's sleep and were up early. Dean took Zack to the shop to get us something for breakfast. A fry-up ensued. Then we took the boys to the park for the afternoon. They had *so* much fun! Max was facinated with the roundabout and kept saying "wooooowwww" in a wee deep voice as if he was stoned - it was high-larious!
Zack and Dean had fun playing football and it was just a blissful couple of hours.
We got home and Zack still wanted to be outside to play, so Max went down for a nap and we went out the back garden to play with the football. Dean decided to get his skateboard out, showed Zack how he could turn around with it and proceeded to give him lessons on how to balance on a board! Zack was smitten. :) Both kids were in bed by 7pm and we had a nice lazy evening listening to music and talking till the wee hours of the morning! Like I said - a Very Good Sunday! :)

Monday my lovely friend Jenny came over for the afternoon from Dundee. It was the first time I've seen her since we moved here 4 months ago, and *so* nice to see her! :) Then I had my photoshop class that evening (much more basic than the info on the website leads you to believe imo, but I'm sticking it out till the end!) and was ready to flop on the sofa and do not much. So we watched a scary movie - Quarantine. Honestly if you want to watch a movie to make you jump, WATCH THAT! I think it's been really well made, and despite it scaring me almost to death a few times, I slept really soundly that night!

Tuesday, yesterday, we went into Perth for the day. I had an appointment with my "lone parent support worker" person, who was *lovely*, and we figured we'd make a day of it since we had to keep Zack off nursery anyway (impossible timing for buses etc to get back in time to pick him up).
I finally got to meet Dean's mum and big sis, which was awesome! My boys were good as gold (thank you for being little stars guys, mummy loves you!) and Zack took such a shine to Claire, it was so lovely to see!

We went back to the bus stop via Pets at Home to have a look at the bunnies in there, and have ended up adding a new lil friend to our family. Zack's new black rabbit, Benny the Bunny. He's such a docile happy lil thing, it's really lovely to see Zack so smitten!

Today we will relax, till later when we're headed over to one of my friends' houses for a while.

So yes, I have been busy. I think I can get away with having not blogged for a while!

What have you been up to recently? What have I missed? Are there any awesome blog posts you'd like to share with me? I'm all ears!

Ooh, time to go... Benny is having a look around on our sofa and looks like he wants to jump off!