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Things That Make Me Grumpy

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So... the lovely Jen at The King and Eye has tagged me for this meme, where I've to tell you all seven things that make me grumpy! What a fun idea! ;)

  1. Being woken up too early in the morning by Zack, who usually wakes up Max in his commotion. In fact, lets just say mornings in general equal a grumpy Softi.

  2. Not having any chocolate in the house whatsoever.

  3. Being without a fag (cigarette for those non-UK people!) for an entire day. And yes, I know I should stop. I am cutting down though, that's a start right?

  4. My internet being dodgy. Luckily it doesn't happen too often (if you overlook the fact that BT caps our download speeds to almost zero in the evenings... I can still do stuff online, but god forbid I try to download anything!).

  5. My period. Nuff said.

  6. Being too cold. Which happens a lot. Even when Dean insists it's warm. The guy is weird...

  7. And... the rabbit peeing on my bean bag. Little bugger seems to think that it's his litter tray. Well, that's not fair really. So long as the bean bag is in a Benny-Safe-Zone he's really good and doesn't even poop anywhere but his cage or the cat's litter tray. But still... the bugger keeps pissing on my leather bean bag. Wee shite!

So... that's my seven things that make me grumpy. I'm sure I could mention many many more (in fact I'm sure Dean could mention even more on top of that!), but I'll stop at seven. *cough*

Now I get to tag some people.


I tag....








Oh, also YOU! Tell me in the comments what makes you grumpy... I want to know!