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Things My Boys Haven't Done While I've Been On Twitter

LifeMarylin15 Comments

Emptied an entire box of Coco Pops onto the living room floor.

Found and destroyed my entire makeup collection.

Drawn on the walls.

Pulled all the fake coal out of the electric fireplace and played with it, getting their face and hands and everything they touch covered in black.

Snuck into the kitchen and nicked various snacks.

Demolished my entire room.

Demolished their entire room.

Put toothpaste down the toilet.

Put toothbrushes down the toilet.

One even put a DS down the toilet when he was wee (and wee-ing! TMI!).

Shaken a beaker full of milk all over the living room floor.

And the best for last:

Max pushed a kitchen chair up to the bunker, climbed up on it, found a roll and the peanut butter and had his own version of a peanut butter sandwich. Roll in one hand, peanut butter all over the other!