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They say write about what you love...

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I love, my boys.

My family.

My flesh friends.

My pixelated friends.
I love the blue skies on a summer's day.

I love photography.

I love getting glue and paint on my fingers and peeling it off once it's dried.

I love the feel of cool grass under my feet,

and the warmth of a long shower.
I love hearing children laugh,

seeing them making up their own little games.

I love those moments when only my cuddles and kisses will do.

I love seeing fields, and trees, and mountains wherever I am in my little town.
I love kisses, and warm embraces.

The way someone can make you feel, just by the way they look at you.
I love knowing how loved I am.

That all-encompassing love from my children.

The love that only my mum and dad could give.

The circle of sisterhood that cloaks me in safeness.
I love that, regardless who I'm with, I'm able to relax and be myself.

That my family, my friends, all the loves in my life, they love me for being me.

I love that I am at peace with myself.

That I'm happy where I am.

Right here. Right now.
I love, and I am loved.
And it