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There's nothing better than a Stationery Haul!

Marylin8 Comments

I was really only going to buy a new desk pad when I logged onto the Paperchase website. Honestly. 

I only had a couple of sheets left of my previous one, so I really genuinely did need to get a new one....

But then there was free delivery if you spent £25. 

And that's a total bargain really... right? *cough* 

Annnyway... here's what I got: 

Raindrops desk pad £7.00- as I said, I was needing a new one, and I liked the simpleness of this. I can easily put a schedule in for each day with the vertical layout, and there's space for notes along the bottom if I need it. There are 52 sheets, so this is enough to last a year! Or there abouts... I don't know about you but if I mess up a few things on the one sheet when I'm setting out the dates etc I need to start again! No one likes a messy calendar!

Wild Life city stickers £4.00- stickers for my planner decorating... obviously! These look quite retro which I like, and I'd been looking for something with the Eiffel Tower on it. Sorted!

Wild Aztec A4 subject notebook £7.00- The colours in this are gorgeous! I don't need a reason for a pretty notebook (#stationerynerd remember?) but this one really drew me in with the pretty pattern. The paper is great quality and the dividers are lush *and* removable. Score! I may end up turning one of the dividers into a dashboard for my planner at some point... 😉

Chloe Owls A5 thick notebook £6.00- yes, another notebook! This one is more for general lists and noting down random things I need to remember, from references for orders to phone numbers and addresses, along with the odd idea for a blog post if I can't find anything else to hand. I've had a similar one of these before and I love the narrower lined paper. It's perfect for my handwriting and I feel I can get more out of the page than those that have the really wide spaced lines. 

Arrow stickers £1.00- I chose these because I write a lot of notes out when I'm watching webinars or coming up with blog ideas. It can be so easy to lose the really important parts I want to remember, so these neon orange arrows are perfect to point me in the right direction (Haha! See what I did there? No...? Not funny? Oh...)

So all in all this lovely little delivery on Friday made my day... 

I may need to increase my storage at some point to make more room for all my pretties! 

What's your favourite brand when it comes to stationery? Let me know!