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The Waiting Game 107/365

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waiting 107/365

Well this was an eventful weekend.

I'll elaborate, for those of you who haven't kept up with my twitter stream!

On Saturday, Max woke up with a bit of a wheeze, and a cough.

He'd been under the weather for a couple of days, very grumpy and tired, but all in all, not too bad.

I figured that so long as I kept him calm the wheezing would disappear.

Unfortunately as the day went on, the wheezing got worse, and his breathing became shorter.

He was desperate for sleep by just before 6pm, so I gave him his melatonin, and he was asleep 30 minutes later.

I hoped that during his sleep his breathing would go back to normal, so once Zack was in bed I settled down to watch Eurovision (yaay we didn't suck as badly as last year! Also... having twitter on during it is a MUST!)

He woke about 10pm ish, crying, so I went upstairs with another dose of melatonin (as prescribed... if it's before midnight I can give a 2nd dose), but his breathing was still very ragged.

I lay in bed with him, showing him how to breathe, keeping him calm and close.

He fell back asleep, and I watched the rest of the hilarity of Eurovision, and then went to bed.

By midnight he was up again, so I brought him into my bed, keeping him calm, stroking his hair, and we managed to dose for a wee while.

By 2am he was crying again and getting rather upset, to the point he even woke Zack up (a rare occurance... that boy can sleep through *anything*.

So time to call NHS 24 and get a doctor out.

Finally he arrived at about 4.15am, not long after my mum and dad did. I knew they'd most likely need to take Zack back to theirs, if anything just so that he didn't get overly upset when I had to force the medicine on Max. He may have been short on breath, but damn he's still strong!

His SATs were low, though once he'd had some prednisolone they improved, but a trip to the hospital (Ninewells, about 45 min away at 5am), rather than PRI which is only 25 minutes away.

He was freaked out by the ambulance at first, especially when it was turned on, but once he realised he could see outside the windows, he calmed right down. Fighting sleep till 10 minutes before we arrived. Typical!

Of course there was more assessments and medicines to be given (using an inhalor, even with a spacer, was a two person job!), which he hated, and he made it known!

By then his breathing was nearly back to normal, and he wasn't wheezing anymore, so it was a case of observe him for a few hours, and then to get home.

I finally managed to settle him into sleep by about 7am, where he slept till, literally, two minutes before my dad arrived to take us home at 10am.

While I was sitting, watching him breathe, I took out my wee journal and a couple of pencils, and started to draw. The girl above was the result. SO glad I'd had the foresight to take something to do, along with pack his DS, the iPad, and his blankie, as otherwise I doubt he'd have settled at all!

The staff who took care of us, from the doctor who came out, to the paramedics, to the staff at Ninewells, were all SO understanding of Max, and his boundaries as far as his autism goes. I really cannot fault them one bit. Absolutely fabulous, every single one of them!

Luckily Zack had been absolutely good as gold with mum and dad, and had a great sleep, so when my friend said she'd take him for the day, he was Oh! So! Happy! (he *loves* it there!), which was a relief as Max and I both needed a sleep.

We slept from midday till just after 5pm, and since then, Max has been completely back to normal, his usual smiley, giggly, hungry little self!

I'll keep him off nursery tomorrow, and see how he is on tuesday. I don't want him to go back before he's properly rested after this weekend. It was a HUGE thing for him to have so many people he didn't know trying to listen to his chest, and putting the little gadget on his finger (though oh my word he was SOOOO good about that bit!!), and the complete lack of sleep, not to mention oxygen!

Since Saturday at 8am I've had about 4-5 hours very *very* broken sleep. Thank goodness I'm usually able to sleep all night these days (yay melatonin!), as it made handling this weekend pretty easy. Well, in relative terms!

So now I'm going to bed to have a very well deserved sleep!

How was your weekend?