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The Puppy Has Landed!

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Aaand now he's conked out! <3 113/365

He's here! Finally, after wanting a dog for *far* too long, and deciding that it wasn't the right time, there wasn't the time, or the money and so on and so forth. FINALLY our wee family is complete! We has a puppy!! He's a lab collie cross, 8 weeks old, today to be exact. We have named him Alfie, and he is *adorable*!

Not only adorable, but, so far at least, he's so chilled out! Of course that may be because today has been quite a day for him. He was the last of his (10.. yes... TEN) littermates to go, and 4 of them were today. This is his first time away from his mamma. He is doing *so* well!

No accidents as of yet, he'll follow behind me wherever he goes. Until he sees Zack, in which case he follows him! The cat is, well... becoming tolerant of him, and Max has kind of noticed him, but is keeping his distance for now! Oh... and he sits! Like, on demand! I swear, even when my friend and I were eating our carry out tonight, after a couple of "ah ah ah" moments, he just lay down at our feet and fell asleep!

Of course... this can't possibly last.

Can it?