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The Obligatory Summer Holidays Photo Post. Part 2.

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A walk in the woods
A walk in the woods
A walk in the woods

The last half of our summer started off well with walks in the woods... Going to visit the horses... As well as finding random Willow pattern pottery scattered around The boys went to their dad's for a week, and I got some freedom (which was sooo lovely!)

Somewhere in #Perth #Scotland such a pretty place :)

By the time the boys got back, the weather had changed and it was raining often. Though there were moments of sunshine in between...

Max is waiting patiently for Grandpa to arrive so he can go to his respite day out! #autism #specialneeds #socute #waiting

And Max has started to call me "Mummy" properly!!

So all in all, our holidays have been pretty damn awesome! Though I'm not ashamed to admit it's been good to get back into our usual routine.

And by routine, I mean getting some peace from the constant noise that is having both boys around 24/7! ;)