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The Love of My Life!

AutismMarylin11 Comments

The love of my life really has changed everything for ALL of us.

He's amazing with Max, and because of that, Zack adores him too.

I can sleep soundly for the first time in years with him around.

Max is learning more and more every day ALL because of my love, and I find myself the happiest I've ever been!

He understands that I need my space in the evenings, and that's why he makes sure to help get Max to sleep soundly every evening.

Best of all, he's tiny and so compact, that I can take him wherever we go, so he's always with us if we want to go anywhere!

Oh melatonin...

You are the love of my life!


(yes I have given my son's medication a gender and I adore him. You would too if you'd been in my position! Max is now asleep every night by 7.30pm at the absolute latest, meaning Zack gets to go to sleep at a decent time, which in turn means *I* get to go to bed at a decent time. Therefore, we're all MUCH happier and more alert during the day!)

(also, Veronica, if you haven't sorted out that appt yet, get it DONE missus!! You know I'm only nagging you cause I love ya! MWAH)