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The Gallery... What *Was* That Anyway?

AutismMarylin6 Comments

So yesterday I took part in Tara's The Gallery, which was a "can you see what it is yet" type post, I really enjoyed going through some of the other Gallery entries and seeing what people had taken photos of, and trying to guess!

I showed you this:

Someone thought it was part of a table,another person thought it was a cigar, and another part of a dog!

Here's what it was:

Max... using a SPOON! PROPERLY!!!! (Jen, you got it, and you know just how big this is for us!).

The boy who never let me put a spoon near him in his almost three years of life, has finally figured out how to use a spoon! Well done lil man!

Not only that, he's also actually *let* me feed him too. I am beyond happy about that! *cheesy grin* :D