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The Gallery: The World Around Us

PhotographyMarylin17 Comments

When I moved to this little town called Crieff 7 months ago, I felt like I'd come home. I could imagine my children growing up here. Everyone was so welcoming. So friendly.

Crieff is the sort of place where people say hello to you as you pass, regardless of if you know them or not.

It's the sort of place that no one would ever ignore someone in trouble.

It's the sort of place that has a little market once every four weeks, where you get to see things made out of nothing, by people who are just picture perfect, and so friendly and chatty they don't even mind you taking a photo of them!

This woman spins wool from sheep that have lived on the hills here around Crieff since the 1600s. Well, their descendants that is. She told me all about the history of the estate they live on. Unfortunately I was also trying to stop Zack from running off to the sweet stall, and can't quite remember it all. She is a lovely woman, and is always seen at the Crieff Market.

It's also the sort of place you see people who look like they've come from a tv set somewhere! I have only ever seen this man once. I just had to take a photo. I wonder what his story was? Was he waiting for someone? Was he reminiscing of how the town used to be? I have no idea, but I can imagine.

For this week's Gallery, we were supposed to paint a picture of the world we live in. The thing is, to me at least, the beautiful place I live in would be NOTHING without the people in it. They are what makes this place unique. The sense of community here is like nothing I've ever seen before. They have welcomed us with open arms and that has meant so much, to all of us.

This is my home, and it's HOME because of the people in it.

As it should be, don't you think?