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The Gallery: Before & After

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Here's two of some (very) few photos of me with my boys. The first one taken two and a half years ago. Zack was not quite three, and Max would have been about five months old, and I was the grand old age of being 10 days away from 24.

The gallery- before

And this was taken in August this year. Zack is just turned 5, and Max is about six weeks off being two, and me being 26 and a half.

The gallery- after

So much has happened in these last two and a half years. SO much. I wouldn't even know where to start, so I won't.

I definitely prefer the second, mainly thanks to the boys' personalities really shining through, not to mention the oh so pretty bokeh in the background! (Bokeh = the pretty out of focus circles in the background btw) ;)

Here's to having many more before and after pics to come!

(It's completely random that we're sitting in the same position... guess we just fit together that way!)