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Taking Stock

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Long time readers (the 2 of you left: omg you rock! I love you!) may have gathered that there's been a bit of a change of pace here, as well as a domain name update over the last few weeks. 

I think there comes a point in every mum-blogger's life when a change in content and pace happens. The children get older, you start to have a little bit more time to yourself, and if nothing else, you get more sleep than you did when they were babes. {Not so much as "normal" in this case as Max still wakes 2-3 nights a week (yay autism), but now he's old enough to mostly amuse himself so I can doze next to him instead of having to be up-and-awake enough to stop him shoving a pencil up his nose or something similar. But I do get lie in's as he and Zack sort their own breakfasts and then hit the gaming and cartoons in the mornings now! Anyway... random asides aside.}

What I mean is, these things like actually having the opportunity to have a bath without being interrupted every 30 seconds, going to the toilet in peace and generally having children who are content to play video games while you get to hide in the kitchen and eat a whole bar of chocolate without being detected starts to become a little more of a regular thing. 

In essence, once the kids go to school, life changes and all of a sudden you can actually think about yourself, often for the first time since you became a mother. 

With that in mind, I felt the need to expand a little with my blog. 

Writing about (and photographing) the things that interest me are going to play a larger part, rather than the (very) occasional update of the kids, myself and the dog (and cat! Sorry Milo!). They will continue - maybe a little less frequently than before, and with different topics peppered in between.

Like my obsession for stationery and anything planner related

My ever evolving understanding of myself, my beliefs and my spirituality (woo-woo lovers unite!!). 

And a sudden urge to actually try to take care of my appearance and skin, actually using make up (I'm as shocked as you are with that... but honestly, I have WRINKLES and I'm only 31. Fuck! That's not supposed to happen till I get older!).

So these are the sort of things you'll be hearing about from me on the blog from now on. I hope you'll get comfy and open the gin. I'm back and am creating my life my way, and sharing the process along the way. Happy Monday all! 😘