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Sunday Snippets 9-15 August

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You know when your kids/spouse/dog says or does something funny, and you think "I've *totally* gotta blog that" but then it only works out at about 3 lines of a blog post and that's just not enough so you just leave it and forget it ever happened? Well, that's why I thought I'd start Sunday Snippets. You can write down and/or photograph something cute, funny or generally blogworthy that happens as it happens throughout the week, and every Sunday make it into a post. I figured since we're all friends here in this bloggy community that maybe you might like to find out what others are up to as well!

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Soo, I had a couple of weeks off there, it's the summer holidays, what can I say!

We've had some great times this summer, despite the icky weather. Max has started trying to talk (more about that in another post where I sqwee about my clever lil boy!), Dean and I got engaged (!!! :D ), Zack has been a royal pain in the butt, but at least now when he wants something he comes up to me, snuggles in and says "Mummy, I just wanted to tell you that you're the bestest mummy in the whole... wide... world!".

He's starting school on Wednesday and I cannot believe it!

So, we wanted to make sure that my his last few days of freedom and lazy days included at least one trip to the park, which is where we went today.

Now, normally taking the boys to the park means Zack running around like a loon and shouting "Mummy! Mummy! Muuuuum! Look at meeeee!", but this time he seemed happy to run off to play with some kids he'd befriended, and then come back for juice/sandwiches.

The other thing that usually happens at the park is Max has a near-escape with kids on the swings. Not to disappoint, Dean had to drag him away at the last moment! However instead of constantly running back to them like he used to do, all it took was a firm (Mummy Voice) "Max, NO" and he would turn round and come back to sit with us!

Needless to say I'm very pleased with our relatively un-eventful trip to the park today! :)

And since I've been pretty much AWOL for the last couple of weeks, here are some photies I took while we were out today:

zacki boy

my fiance

mamma and her boys

thoughtful zack


So, what have you been up to this week?