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Sunday Snippets 4/10-10/10

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You know when your kids/spouse/dog says or does something funny/interesting/weird/stupid (the list goes on!), and you think "I've *totally* gotta blog that" but then it only works out at about 3 lines of a blog post and that's just not enough so you just leave it and forget it ever happened? Well, that's why I thought I'd start Sunday Snippets. You can write down and/or photograph something cute, funny or generally blogworthy that happens as it happens throughout the week, and every Sunday make it into a post. I figured since we're all friends here in this bloggy community that maybe you might like to find out what others are up to as well!

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  3. Add the link to your blog post (note I said POST, not just the blog url!) in the comments.

  4. Read what some of your fellow bloggers have been up to, comment, and enjoy finding new people!

  5. Come back next Sunday and do it all over again. :)


Oooh oooh OOOOOH so... first thing... that happened on Friday evening.

I'd ordered in for us since it was the last night before the boys went to their dad's for 5 days (can you squeal FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! with me?). The boys had pizza (and scoffed the lot of a 12" one!) and I had a curry.

Well, Max seemed v interested in my food once he'd decided he'd had enough pizza.

He shoved his hand RIGHT IN IT (mushy creamy yummy chicken tikka masala with rice), pulled out a rice-covered piece of chicken, with sauce all over it, and put it in his gob, wolfing it down!!

The boy who this time last year would have screamed if anything remotely Not! Dry! had been put in front of him, went up and willingly got his hand covered in masala sauce and scoffed some curry! I was so happy I clapped and praised like a lunatic! Of course he didn't do it again, but still... baby steps... (*jumps off the seat to do a happy dance*).


Zack has been counting down the sleeps till he goes to his dad's (with Max) from sat-weds. I have also been counting down the days!

He has been squealing, literally, SQUEALING that he's so! exci-tedddd! For the last week. SO cute.


It's Saturday night now, and the boy *are* at their dad's and I've realised this is the first night I've ever spent in this house BY MYSELF since we moved here over a year ago. It's blissful!

I can have *my* music on as loud as I like, and have been watching Xfactor all weekend (which just wouldn't be the same without Twitter by the way!). It's 22.20 and I am wanting to go to bed. I am pathetic! lol

Got to spend the day with the lovely @NikkiiH, I swear I don't think there's ever a moment's silence when the two of us are talking. It's awesome to have someone to meet in person who gets the whole online community, and photography on top of it! :)

So now I am going to be a pathetic person and enjoy going to bed by myself, knowing that I will only wake when I want to, or, well, maybe when the cat tries to sleep on my head, again.

Don't be a hater now, just cause you have to get up with kids in the morning and I don't... *cackles*


Have you got any snippets to share? Let me know in the comments!