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Sunday Snippets #1

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I thought I'd try something, to give myself a little momentum with this lil old blog here.

I'm going to attempt to write a post every Sunday that has snippets of things the boys have said and done throughout the week that I found amusing, annoying, or just too damn cute!

So... here we go...

  • Saturday morning, Zack was out in the garden playing with the kids who live next door. They run in between our garden, wee old Mrs Campbell's garden (who has a swing for her grandkids and is happy to see it being used more often, as she put it. She's a sweetheart!), and C and T's garden. I'm in the kitchen, tidying up getting chocolate to have a little fix when Zack comes running in the house, all happy and out of breath, and says "Guess what Mummy! C's trying to kill me!" and runs back out again.
    About two seconds later he pops his head back in to say "It's just pretend though!" and runs back out. Priceless!

  • Max has started playing with the plastic tubing that is supposed to make up the second little goal for Zack's wee footie set up, and using them like swords (or lightsabers as Zack and Dean say!), and my *god* he packs a hell of a good hit with them! It is very cute and quite scary at the same time!

  • Zack has started saying things like "Word to yo momma!" "West Coast y'all" and other such 'gansta' phrases. It is very cute!

  • Max can now get down the stairs by himself. How do we know this? Cause we left him upstairs with the stairgate shut, his brother nipped down to get something he'd forgotten from the living room, and before we knew it there was a Max running into the living room looking all pleased with himself. Note to self: BUY A LOCK for the stair gate!

These are the only ones I can remember for now, but I will try to write down more of the cuteness over the week as it happens so I have more to tell you next sunday!

Feel free to join in and link back to this post.

You never know, I might even manage to make a lil button and get a Mr Linky up for next week! ;)