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Summer Holidays Part 2...

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The boys go back to school tomorrow. I'm sort of bouncing between wondering where the weeks have gone and being deliriously happy that things will get back to normal.

(Zack doesn't stop talking. EVER. No idea where he got that from *cough*)

So here's a wee collection of photos from the last half of our holidays, which haven't been as sunny and warm, but still generally filled with chilled and contented days with my boys (and the pets... can't forget the pets!).

Kenzi knows its bath time... She won't come anywhere near me! >_< #dogstagram #yorkie #dogsofinstagram

My sleepy boy earlier... He's actually been walking around the house TOPLESS! This is huge! He won't normally even entertain a short sleeves top! #specialneeds #autismsensory

There's a dog in my laundry... wee sausage!

Sparta the Evil One. #catstagram #cat #cataofinstagram #popular #evilkitty #kitty

Finished for now... Attempted the #eyelashes #graphite #drawing #drawingeyes

Brothers holding hands... #brothers #autism #love #neverthoughtitwouldhappen #proud



Feeling popular! ;) #catstagram #dogstagram

My boys are back!! <3

Perth train station... #photomeditations



There are less photos of the boys as they were away for a whole week to their dad's!

I was SO looking forward to some peace. I love my boys but did I mention that Zack will not stop talking???

So off they went on the Saturday.

By the Tuesday I was pining.

I even ended up polishing the living room at 3am one night just because I didn't know what to do with myself.

Who does that?? Me, apparently. Gah!

So by the next Saturday I was desperate to hold my little guys in my arms again.

By Saturday evening I'll admit I wondered why I missed them so much.

(the talking, guys. the constant, never ending attention seeking. GAHH!)

I forget when they're away just how NOISY they are, you see.

And now it's time for the new school year to start.


Zack is excited to be going into primary 4, and Max, well, he knows something's going on.

He's watched me labeling school clothes all morning, and he recognises the jumper, so I think he's twigged.

Back to normality as of tomorrow!

Or, well... maybe by next week. We all know that the first week back at school isn't easy, and that's especially true for my wee Max.

You know what's amazing though?

In the entire six weeks and four days of this holiday... I can count on one hand the amount of times Max has woken in the night.

ONE HAND, people!

In comparison to the start of the year?

That's huge. It's amazing.

We've genuinely rested over these few weeks.

Relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

Gone to the park and into town and to lunch (I can take Max with us to go somewhere to eat!!).

We've had pj days and movie days and gaming days too.

The boys got away for a while which was perfectly timed so they didn't start getting bored at home.

And that's it!

That's our holidays over for another year.

Not gonna lie, I'll miss the easy-lazy mornings and being able to stay up later than usual (night owl by nature), but I think it's time now.

Time for things to get back into some semblance of a routine.

And time for things to start moving forward again, for all of us, but particularly for Max.

So wish us luck for tomorrow morning!

I hope your holidays have been as enjoyable as ours.