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Summer Holidays...

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We've been pretty much enjoying the sun (sun!!!) all holiday so far. It's blissful! Here are a few snaps of our staycation...

Acting like a dude... Apparently! Lol ;)

And now Max is being a dude....

Zack and Milo....

Max actually WALKING THE DOG!!! This is *huge*!! #autism

Checking the blog in my garden... :)

What a day!! #summer #sun #sunshine #summertime

Look! A feather!

Me and Zack <3

Me and Max... Evil children with their flawless skin tone...! >_<

Happy 8th birthday lil man!! You'll make a fine Doctor one day... #doctorwho #birthday #mybaby!


Of course, yesterday was Zack's 8th birthday... MY FIRSTBORN IS EIGHT!! How did that happen??

He's grown up *so* much in the last year, and is now very much a Doctor Who fan.

I'm so proud!

So that's been our summer so far...

Busy enjoying our time together and the summery weather.

We're half way through the holidays already, which is hard to believe, as it's flown by!

Max has been coping really well with the change of pace, and has only had about 3 nights of waking in the night. Averaging at once a week... I can definitely handle that!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer holidays!

And if you're in the middle of your winter, I hope you're nice and cosy next to the fire/heating with a nice mug of tea.