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Success at Nursery!

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Warning: gushing happy mummy moment... there will be showing off!


Well, apparently Max got on wonderfully at nursery!

In fact, the only time he cried was at home-time. He just didn't want to leave!

Of course he still did his usual 'I want to do things my way' thing, but he's not upset when I leave him, and all in all...


He's back again today and could hardly contain himself before running through the doors.

Not even looking back to say bye to me.

I am SO proud of my lil man!

I know it will take him a while to get used to the routines within the nursery.

Particularly any time that isn't 'free' play, but they are ready to deal with that and know how.

His keyworker is the head of the nursery, and I'm so relieved.

I mean, ALL the nursery staff are wonderful, but it relaxes me to know that the person with the most experience is taking care of Max.

Also, I know she'll tell me straight how he's been getting on, the bad bits and the good.

When we got home, he took his blankie, and lay down on the sofa, just looking into space, and winding down from his big adventure.

He fell asleep watching CSI with me (it was a good one, death by toothpaste!), and that was that.

When he woke, he was in the happiest mood, which was wonderful to see!

We cranked up the volume of the new Take That album (swoon... love it!) and we danced around to it. He adores feeling the base line of songs on the floor. Takes after his mamma there I think!


We went over to my friend's house after school as her other half was going to watch the boys for me while I went to Zack's parents evening.

My big boy is doing SO well at school! I got a glowing report about him. His teacher is really happy with how he's doing.

His writing is 'superb', his reading is really coming on, he's gone straight past the stage one books onto stage two.

He's great at maths, and is very good at asking if he doesn't understand something (which I think is possibly when/if he hasn't been paying attention properly when they've been being told what to do!), and is whizzing ahead.

Basically, Zack is a clever lil guy (obviously, I am his mother after all!), and he's absolutely loving school!


So, for a Monday, yesterday was a bloody good day! The boys had behaved well while they were at my friends' house (it helps when there are other littlies the same age me thinks!), went to bed easily when we got home, and slept right through!

We've got inservice days from tomorrow onwards, so a 5 day weekend for us... oh the joys!

I'm just hoping that the weather won't be too bad and we can get out and about.

Fingers crossed... :)