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Stupid Sleep Cycles

LifeMarylin11 Comments

Sometimes my sleep cycles are great.

I get up at about 7.30am every morning to get the kids ready for school, get through the day, and go to bed around 10pm.

However holidays tend to make me a little more relaxed. The kids will happily snuggle in my bed with me, watching their cartoons, so I get to have a little more sleep, sometimes up to about 10am! It's blissful!

It does make it harder to go to bed at the usual time though, as I'm not tired.

I eventually fall asleep around midnight, 1am, and then of course I can barely drag myself out of bed in the mornings.

It doesn't help that it's so damn dark in the mornings now, and will continue to be like this for the next, oh... four months or so?

Which means getting out of bed in the morning is NOT going to be easy.

Even with two kidlets prodding me and climbing on me...

I think in another life I would like to be a bear. That way I can just hibernate and ignore all the worst weather and dark days that come with winter.

I'm sure I should have been born somewhere closer to the equator... with longer days, more light, and warmer weather. I just don't like the bitter cold.

Really, I think all I need to do is win the lottery and have a winter home somewhere warmer...