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Spring Is Coming After All! 55/365

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Today's been the first time I've seen any blue in the sky for about three weeks! So I decided to have a look at the state of my garden.

Oh boy. It definitely needs a lot of work.

I never got round to picking up all the apples that had fallen from the tree - now they're rotting over the grass.

There are little crocuses and snowdrops speckled around the grass too (which needs re-sown).

I guess with the warmer weather will come the time to roll up my sleeves and get covered in dirt.

There's something so soothing in it though, so I don't mind too much. It's not like I have any nails to worry about getting messed up since I bite them!

For now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I have snowdrops!

And in my mind, that means Spring is just around the corner!