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Sometimes it's hard

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When I see little ones a year or more younger than Max, chatting away, asking questions, saying silly things, knowing what their mum and dad are saying to them.

Like the little sister of one of Zack's school friends, who's about 3 months younger than Max, and has been chatting away since I first met her a year ago.

Or the little one at my local cafe who's about 14 months, and is at exactly the same sort of level of talking as Max is.

It's hard to see these little ones, normal, just like they're supposed to be. Like Zack was, and reminding me just how different Max is.

Seeing him unable to tell me what he wants, and getting so frustrated and upset. It's HARD.

Seeing others younger than him being able to do that? Even harder.

I know he's got his own timetable.

I know he's coming on leaps and bounds, particularly since Zack started school and we get more one-on-one time.

I know that he's still an awesome lil guy, and he's amazing in his own right.

Still, it's hard to see the stark differences between him and others his age.

I wonder how he'll cope when he goes to nursery?

If he gets in that is... I should find out in a week whether or not he's been given a place. Due to his autism I'm applying for an assisted place for him. Problem is, there are two places, and four of us applying.

So, keep your fingers crossed for us! The panel meeting is on the 28th, so I should know soon after that.

I hope he gets in.

He does need it.

There's only so much I can help him with, but when it comes to socialization, the best place for him is nursery.

I need it.

I'm on my own with two beautiful boys, but I need some down time too.

Max has started waking in the night again, since I had to take the side off the cot.

I would like to be able to take care of the house a bit better.

I would love for Max to learn more, and maybe even make a friend. Not to mention having professional help with encouraging him to talk, or at least communicate properly.

It's hard.

I still love him though, with all my heart, and I always will. He's my lil man after all.