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Some People Just Shouldn't Drive!

LifeMarylin28 Comments


What sort of person must you be to see a mother with two young children walking down the pavement on a wet rainy horrible day that would make you think it's ok to SPEED UP in the slush to make sure we all got soaked eh?

What kind of person DOES that??

It's just as well we were further down the hill when you had to break for that junction, or you would have had more than just a mouthful from me. You wouldn't have any lights left on you goddamn car, and I'd make damn sure your face was shoved in the filthy slush you decided to cover us in.

I was already dealing with a screamy 3yr old who has autism and doesn't like getting wet, or the feeling of the slush under his boots.

We were already running late.

And you just made it ten times worse.

I was completely soaked through, and had to change Max's clothes when we got to the nursery.

Zack got a bit wet, but was mostly shielded by me.

That's not the point though.

I mean really, WHO THE HELL do you think you are??

Is that the sort of thing you do for fun?

If it is then you really are one completely sad individual.


Getting your kicks out of trying to soak a woman and her children on a cold and miserable day.

I pity you, you pathetic ignorant piece of turd.

What a life you must lead for THAT to be your amusement.

Pathetic. No hoper, good for nothing, LOSER.

My youngest son came home today and had a temperature and hasn't been himself.

I wonder if that has something to do with you this morning.

I bet it does.

I hope you contract syphilis or something equally as horrid.

You're a disgrace.

And you certainly shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a car.

In fact, why don't you just bugger off to wherever you came from and


/end rant