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Some days are long days...

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Like today.

Today was a LONG day.

I woke late, as Zack had snuggled into bed and started playing Angry Birds (DAMN THAT GAME!) and so I missed my alarm going off.

Managed to get us all fed and dressed and to school in time. Just.

Then it was time to go back home and get tidied up before Max's play therapist came at 10.30am.

She's been visiting us since back in May of this year, and he's come on so well in that time.

The rabbit cage was beginning to smell, so he needed cleaned out, and then I figured I may as well do the ratty too.

Oh the look on the cat's face while I clean out Alice's cage as she climbs about my shoulders - you'd think I was torturing him! I suppose I am in a way, he can't help the way he's wired... >_<

Laundry was done and some dishes too, along with sweeping downstairs.

All by 10am.

Then B came for Max's session.

Normally he's happy to go in his little work-chair, and today was no different.

He had rummaged around in B's toy back and found one of those wooden jigsaw puzzles that he adores and started playing with it.

Problem is he went into his own little world as he was taking all the pieces out and putting them back on.

He had five goes at it, and then it was Finished. Time to move on to the next toy.

Only that's not how he wanted it to go.

He screamed, he bucked, he even managed to get the table off his little seat.

It felt like it lasted for aaages, but B said it was only about 5 minutes.

Eventually she managed to distract him with some different toys, but he still kept going back to being unhappy. Like he would be distracted for a wee while, and then think "hey, wait, I was upset!" and go back to crying.

Eventually he calmed down, and cuddled up on my lap.

Boy do I LOVE it when he cuddles up to me like that. You have no idea how wonderful it is when it's taken so long to get him to want to be touched at all.

Then he took himself over to the sofa, lay down with his dummy and one of the blankets, and fell fast asleep.


I knew this was coming.

The more good things that he learns, the more challenging his behaviour gets for a while. It's just the way he seems to be.

Like he is using so much energy on these new found things he's learned to do, that he doesn't have enough left for the regular things (for him), like being able to handle something being taken away from him that he likes playing with, for example.

So we're in a catch twenty two at the moment, my boy and I. So happy that he's coming on so well, but at the same time getting tired and sad at the meltdowns he's been having as a result.

My mum came over this afternoon to help me out with sorting out the masses of (clean!) laundry that have been sitting in piles waiting to be put away. (You know what it's like when something just seems like such a huge job you don't know where to start? That was mine, thank you Mum for helping!!) and she n Dad finally saw what he can be like when he's having a difficult day. Not that they didn't believe he could be so hard at times. They've seen glimpses.

I guess it makes it all the more real when you see him having these meltdown-y days.

However, he ate (most of!) his tea. OK, well, he ate a sausage,but it was a big one, so that'll do for me, and has been playing upstairs in his bedroom with Zack since I started writing this post, so at least he's happy and has calmed down some now.

Here's hoping that tonight isn't a battle to get him into bed...

I have a feeling the nice bottle chilling in my fridge may be consumed tonight... monday or no monday, sometimes it's just needed, and after today, you're damn right I'll be settling down to watch some soaps and have a wee drink just to myself as soon as the boys are asleep!