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So we made it through the holidays!

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And pretty much in one piece, too!

Zack has been back for two weeks now, and is loving being in primary 2.

Max went back last thursday and though the first two days were a bit difficult (hello... autism + 8 week break from nursery = awkward... duh!), by yesterday he seemed to be really enjoying being back.

Thank god for my friends! I'm sure we'd all be rocking in our respective corners by now if it weren't for each other! Or... well, nearly anyway.

Of course, with starting back at school/nursery, comes enjoying all the fresh germs and bugs that are going around.


I got woken up in the wee hours of this morning by Max coughing.

And coughing.

And coughing some more.

Zack ended up coming through to my bed to sleep, which made Max even more upset, so I went to check on him.

Wheezing again.

Yay. >_<

So, it's 2.30am by this point, Zack is in my room, in bed, the dog is following me around while I'm trying to get Max some medicine, and get the new inhaler for his asthma. I've yet to get to sleep.

Lets just say it was a long arsed night.

This morning, both of us are unwell.

One of my friends took Zack to school, and Max n I have spent the day curled up next to each other on the sofa, catching up on Celebrity Big Brother. (Oh yes, I did just say that!)


Laying next to me on the sofa.

Watching reality tv.

That's how you can tell my wee man's not well.

My sweet sweet friends popped over this morning to check up on me, have a wee catch up, and helped me out with some bits and pieces around the house.

God knows what I've done to deserve such wonderful people in my life, but there you go... I'm not complaining!

So it looks like the next few days will be hiding out at home type days.

And this was shaping up to be such a kick-ass week, too! *sigh*

Must get better for Thursday evening.

All my girlies are coming over and we're having a few drinkies.

Not quite sure how 9 of us will all find a seat in the living room, but I'm sure we'll figure something out!

Now then... where did I put that Lemsip??