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So Sleepy

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There's something about this time of year, I just get so tired. The cold weather, the early darkness, I just want to curl up in bed and not get out of it!

Of course with the school run to do, that's just not an option, so I did the next best thing (for me). I went to my GP and asked if we could double my anti-depressants (coming up to three years on them now... wow!) over the darker months, so I didn't feel so lethargic and can't-be-bothered all the time. It's definitely helped!

That and having real honest to god friends to meet up with at the school gate, and play group to go to, and generally being much busier during the week than we ever have been before. It's been so good, Max is coming on so well in social settings, so I'm no where near as worried about him starting nursery on Monday (OMG four days... FOUR!!).

I am still tired though.

Not emotionally any more though, just physically.

It's a lot easier to get over physical tiredness than emotional tiredness.

Trust me, I know that one all too well!

So, although I want to fall asleep by about 9pm every night (not that Max lets that happen, with him staying awake and grumpy till 10pm easily most nights... off to the doc's to admit Zack and I need Max to have the melatonin for our sanity), I can still get out of bed the next morning.

I can still carry on and be happy in myself.

Even though I'm sleepy, I can genuinely get through it now, without it making me feel down.

I know to be kind to myself and let myself catch a nap at the weekends while Max does, with Zack cosied up in my bed playing with my iPhone.

I know that we all have days where we can be a bit out of sorts. Not just me, but my boys too.

I know now what battles are worth the hassle, and what are not.

I can definitely handle this kind of tiredness, where I never used to be able to before.

Now then... how long till the weekend so I can stay in bed as long as possible with two boys jumping on my bed instead of having to be up! and out! before 9am...