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So Now He's Saying Please...

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Max is definitely coming on with the pointing and saying 'peeez' for things. Which is beyond awesome!

However... what about those times he points and asks, and isn't allowed what he wants?

Today, I got the most GORGEOUS present from the lovely Ben at Appliances Online.

It seems he'd been stalking me (well, I am awesome, it's not his fault!), and had heard about my absolute NEED for a decent cupcake, so he sent me this gorgeous set.

We're hoping to try it out this weekend!

Max's eyes fixed on it when he first saw it this morning after dropping off Zack from nursery.

He saw the picture of cupcakes.

He knew that they would be damn tasty.

He wanted them.

I tried to show him that, in fact, there were no cakes in the box, but he still wanted it.

Sorry little guy, NO chance.

Commence screaming.

After he eventually calmed down, and was in another room, I moved the box to above the fridge freezer. It's so high up, there's no way he could see it surely?


Yeah right.

About 10 minutes after we got home from picking up Zack from school, he was pulling me through to the kitchen.

Pointing and saying/signing 'peeez' over and over again. At the fridge freezer.

So, he knows now that if he wants something, he has to point and say please...


Unfortunately, he still doesn't understand that he can't get everything he wants.

I just hope he doesn't stop saying please because he doesn't always get his own way...


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