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So Many Things!

LifeMarylin12 Comments

I swear, since I started finding my groove again with my crafting/arty stuff, my wish list on Amazon has grown *far* too much!

The problem is, here in the UK we just don't have the same sort of things on sale as they do in the US.

This being a problem because *most* of the blogs I follow for inspiration are from the US.

They can just nip down to their local craft store and pick up whatever they're wanting.

It's so easy!


If I see something I really love the look of, and think would be fun to try, I *can* order it, but I'll have to pay shipping charges too, which are often more than the items I'm buying in the first place!

In the past that would probably have stopped me in my tracks.

I *need* the exact things that these people are using so that I can be like them!

Or so I used to think.

Now I realise that, actually... I don't want to be like them.

I want to be ME.

I no doubt have my own style, though I'm still learning what that is.

I don't *need* everything these people have to do what they do.

I can make do with what I have and get creative.

That's what this year is all about for me after all.

Being more creative.

So I guess I should stop whining about the things I don't have (which really, are just Things and Stuff), and enjoy the freedom of being me, and doing things *my* way.

After all... who likes a copycat?