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Silence is Golden

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I'm in my house.


That's right.


Max is at nursery.

It's so strange! I don't know what to do with myself.

There are dishes to do, and the floor needs swept, but something is stopping me from doing them.

I've only got another hour till it's time to pick up the lil guy.

I want to enjoy the quiet.

He was SO happy to be there. As he was let loose in the room, he walked around with a look of complete awe.

SO many toys to play with! So many colours! So much to choose from! Where do I start??

I snuck out while he wasn't looking. Though I have a feeling he probably wouldn't even have cared if he'd seen me, I mean come on... so! many! toys!

It was so odd, walking home without Max in his buggy.

Just me and my bag.

Nothing else.

I even got to pop into my local coffee shop to pick up a hot chocolate!

Now I'm home.

The silence is deafening.

I love it.

I think I could get used to this.

I think Max could get used to this too.

It's been 40 minutes, and I haven't had a phone call yet.

My mobile is on it's loudest possible setting, just so there's no way I can miss it.

I'm hoping that they won't need to call.

I'm hoping that the only crying that will be done is when I pick up Max and we have to leave.

I guess I should go do those dishes now though...

In my golden silence.