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Shhh, I'm Not Really Here!

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I know I said I wasn't going to post, but this is just a little one to test out Wordpress for iPad.
It's been a relaxing Christmas here. the boys have been up at their dad's, so I spent Christmas Eve and Day at my parents. I don't think I've relaxed like that in a long time! Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case, when I totally relax, I get unwell.
So yesterday and today have been spent with achy joints, a fever and chills, along with general crappy cold like symptoms.
Ahh the joys!
The boys are back tomorrow though, so I guess I've just gotta keep on trucking, right?
Let's just say im glad they'll have their Christmas presents to open and keep them busy tomorrow, while i do as little as possible!
Random aside: how the hell did I not realise how hawt Puck from a glee is till now??
Anyhow, guess I should get to bed and have an early night before the boys get back...

Happy Holidays everyone! :)