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Setting Up a New Netbook...

MiscMarylin16 Comments

There's nothing I enjoy more (in my geekiness at least) than setting up a new computer.

It's just so much fun!

Setting it up, getting rid of all the fluff that goes with it, sorting out making sure all the drivers and such are up to date, and that's just the start of it!

It's like getting a fresh start.

A brand new chance to start with a clean slate.

Sure it's only a netbook, but it does what I wanted it to, which is run tweetdeck, skype, and spotify, while being able to read blogs, or write my own (hi from my netbook!). It does what it says on the tin basically.

And it means I get to stay connected with you all during X Factor without having to sit at the computer, which has been giving me sore hips and a very stiff lower back.

So, I've put the free version of AVG on here, I have everything driver/windows update-esque up to date.

I've got my Firefox, Tweetdeck, Skype, Windows Live Essentials (MSN, Windows Live Writer etc),Spotify, Open Office, and Google Notifier installed. What have I missed? Can anyone think of anything?

Now excuse me while I spend time sitting on my butt, catching up on blogs, and watching Hollyoaks Later...