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Self Care is a Divine Responsibility.

Soul LoveMarylin2 Comments

Well, last week was a blast with some child-free time!

Let's just say, it doesn’t happen very often that the stars align and all my girls and I are able to get out at the same time, so it was well overdue!

I may have been *slightly* delicate on Sunday, but getting my boys back home was the icing on the cake and I felt like normality could resume (so long as it was quietly and without big squishy hugs around my middle).

So that brings me onto this week’s desk altar!

“Self care is a divine responsibility” - a Danielle LaPorte truthbomb.

I figured after last week’s busy-ness, this week is a good one to relax, rest, and recuperate.

Well, as much as is possible with children on the scene!

I’m keeping it simple this week. Again! I’m sensing a theme over these holidays...

We’re having a quiet one… reading, gaming, lots of cuddles (and tickles), family movie time and then doing our own thing in between.

It’s been pretty sweet actually, and a good way to spend the dreary Scottish “summer” we’ve been having.

With self care and self love comes the beautiful rose quartz! The ultimate stone for unconditional (self) love and forgiveness.

It is a key crystal in learning how to love yourself as well as how to let others love you. We can all do with a little more compassion for ourselves as well as others, can’t we?

So here are some questions for YOU:

What do you do to practice self care? Is it something you do regularly, or just if/when you remember?

Leave a comment with your answers, and have a wonderful week!